Thursday, February 03, 2011

Leif Ritchey

Leif Ritchey
Leif Ritchey, at Martos Gallery, through 2/19.

Leif Ritchey in Time Tunnel, at Charlie Horse, on anaba 3/16/2010.
Leif Ritchey at Journal Gallery, on my flickr 6/2010.
Leif Ritchey in Material Issue and Other Matters, at Canada, on anaba 9/16/2010.

Leif Ritchey
Leif Ritchey at Martos Gallery.


Cheryl said...

martin- thanks for alerting me to interesting stuff I might otherwise miss...such as this work here! Looks like a go-see! Also, seems like perhaps an interesting dialogue here with the David Hammonds show...which I also haven't see but want to.....
Thanks for the blog-
cheryl d

Martin said...

hi cheryl and thank you. yes i was thinking the same thing about the new hammons but unfortunately did not get up to see that show or lee lozano!!! damn!