Monday, February 20, 2012

Joyce Pensato

Joyce Pensato

Joyce Pensato, Batman Returns, at Friedrich Petzel! Closes 2/25.

I ran into her on the street - and congratulated her - shortly after seeing this show... she said she couldn't believe how much attention it had gotten.

James Kalm vid, NYTimes review, John Yau for Hyperallergic, Rachel Wolff for Artinfo, Will Heinrich for GalleristNY, AiA Q+A, lots more i'm sure.



detail here

I posted on her previous show at Petzel 12/2008 - mention a minstrel show vibe that weirded me out - but now can see some of that source imagery in this current show. John Yau discusses it more in his Hyperallergic review.

(oh nice! i have seen Sylvester before. at canada)

Joyce Pensato

I gave her the card for our show at Storefront... she said she grew up there on Wilson.

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