Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kai Vierstra

Kai Vierstra at Norte Maar.

lightning drawings!

He makes them on a bed of nails... pressing the paper flat to the board so that all the nails have punctured through... tilts the board, dips a little ball in ink which gets inserted at top and plink-plinks down through the gridded nails leaving a zig-zag ink trail. After the paper gets pulled off the board/nails it is usually coated with a honey-scented beeswax. This might happen a few times with different layers of color, ink, wax... I'm not sure.

My last post on Kai (5/09) has a pic of some of the first lightning drawings. The new ones here and in his studio have a lot more color.

the new ones are gorgeous

Kai Vierstra. I won't even tell you how cheap these things are but it's ridiculous.

The main show is Paul D'Agostino... very good also... I will post photos later. Both shows close 3/4.

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