Friday, July 06, 2012

Ellen Letcher

Ellen Letcher at Pocket Utopia.

Photos get placed face down... the back is covered with paint... then they are picked up and stuck somewhere else with that paint backing as an adhesive. The original placement remains visible as a negative space.

This is a good one to give you an idea of how it is done... that central photo was just flipped.

Combined Human, 2006

JAMES KALM VIDEO. Rauschenberg is an influence. I see R. Prince too.

Paul D'Agostino is also making current/cool work kind of like this.

Leo, Romeo & Juliet, 2002-20012

Versace, 2012

Most of the clippings are from magazines... she used to work for a mag (as did Prince)... but she also includes copies of personal snapshots, including one of a former girlfriend used in three different pieces.

Hot Dog, 2012

Most of it is new but the work in the show spans ten years with the oldest piece from 2002.

INTERVIEW with Ellen Letcher.


(ps thats a JOKE!, duh.)

The new Pocket Utopia is right down Henry Street from Bureau.

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