Monday, July 16, 2012

Walter Robinson

Walter Robinson, in Data Trash, curated by Chris Dorland, at I-20. Closes 7/20.

Walter Robinson
The Original Spin. Damien Hirst came later.

They have a second spin painting in the back.

Pulp. Yes he was doing the pulpy before Prince.

Walter Robinson
Walter Robinson at Bowman/Bloom, on anaba 12/2009.
Walter Robinson zingers, on anaba 1/2008.
Walter Robinson is an artist, on anaba, 6/2005.

Walter Robinson
Lindsay Lohan

Megan Fox

Walter Robinson

There is a Walter Robinson-curated show at Haunch of Venison OPENING Thurs 7/19. This will be the place to be... (first post-Artnet mag gathering).

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