Thursday, July 12, 2012


Christian Sampson

Can't Stop Rock Lobster, organized by Nathan Gwynne and Andrea Merkx, at Shoot The Lobster, in the back at Martos Gallery.

Joshua Abelow

Jules de Balincourt

Joshua Johnson

Servane Mary

Denise Kupferschmidt and Gina Beavers' Price Good Market... is BACK! as seen at St. Cecilia's!

Matthew Hilshorst... creepy!

Gina Beavers - so strange. I went to see her show at James Fuentes the next day but it was Sunday and they started the 'summer hours'.... aargh! I hate Summer Hours!!

Justin Adian a 2010 Favorite.

Justin Adian
and this.

Tamara Gonzales (at left), over a projecting yellow pyramid by who?.. UPDATE: Ben Dowell

Fun show.

...but I can't believe there was a lobster show that did not include Rebecca Goyette!!!

(MAKE SURE you see Rebecca's videos at F+V opening 8/16)

Christian Sampson and Ariel Dill at Southfirst, on anaba 12/2009. Joshua Abelow at James Fuentes, on anaba 2/2011. Chris Martin at Mitchell Innes & Nash, on anaba 2/2012. Gina Beavers (w/Nudashank) at The Dependant, on anaba 3/2012. Tamara Gonzales at Norte Maar, on anaba 3/2012

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Amanda Browder said...

Totes to Rebecca Goyette!