Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simon Cerigo

Simon Cerigo died Sunday.

he made every scene more interesting

Bye Simon

Simon in the hat with horns and lights, making Deborah Warner laugh, at Mark Kostabi's tv show.

Love to Nancy


Alexander said...

By my friend Simon How many years running around the art world going to opening after opening party after party. So many it's hard to count. You will be missed by many art world people......Your friend Aaron Olshan

Anonymous said...

by Eric Mitchell January 23, 2013 at 7:03 pm

Simon was one of the most learned , intelligent, generous, stimulating person I have encountered in New York.

Cerigo, illuminated the otherwise glib conversation around art and art openings ( his favorite activity), his gossip was always generous, contradicting the common wisdom, about what good art was.

He commented on the big art commerce and the little deals with the same aroused curiosity. He loved to get high, and made you high just talking and being around him.

Simon was as close to Alfred Jarry as New York has ever seen…..a true beatnik,………one of the last bon vivant……a soul of the earth.

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