Tuesday, February 05, 2013


i havent posted any of my own paintings since 8/2011... before i went to istanbul.

Martin Bromirski

i had made this^,... and later i was looking at these islamic carpets again... oh duh.

some of these are scraped and shredded so far down i then stain them from the back.

people talk about casualism and provisionalism but nobody ever talks about wabi sabi.

BROmirskiBROsseau.. look, its one of the best blog posts ever.

Martin Bromirski
qualities of a good scholar's rock -  grotesque, corruscated, pockmarked, elaborated, over-elaborated, animated, awkward, top heavy, wrinkling (texture), moistness (tactile and glossy), resonance.


ec said...

I know wabi sabi and agree you are practicing. Good to see these paintings.

vc said...

What's going on in the bottom photo? Is that a whole work on top? A long, horizontal rectangle with a curved bottom? Even if not, bravo- it's great to see these. Provabisasual, and beyond

Martin said...

vic!... the bottom is a pic of three 12x24 paintings, but only glimpses of two of them.

Martin said...

some of them are kind of blurry here but if you click on the picture you get a sharper image.

vc said...

Got it thanks. Here is a voice but not a brand. The project does not overtake the object.