Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sculpture Invitational

Ed Holten, originally uploaded by Bromirski.
Friday night's Sculpture Invitational was a good time and a long walk. Our group (I think there were a few different groups) was much smaller at the end than at the beginning, and I'm sorry to admit that we even skipped a couple pieces. It was enough that - following the map - we had to walk from 2nd Street to 12th Street to get from the fourth to the fifth piece. One of the pieces I missed seeing was Frederick Chiriboga's, something that was highly recommended in the comments to this previous post, so I will make a point of biking back and checking them both out.
That said, it was a nice walk around a part of town I rarely visit. I had no idea the Bainbridge Art Center, host of a wild piece by Greg Kelley, even existed. We arrived at the last piece, Jeffrey Loy's, at the perfect time, dusk. The light globes at the top of each of his three art-nouveau-like pieces turned colors in the dark under a tree. It was a bit like watching fireflies. Very nice.
Two of my favorites were Tom Chenoweth's Tesla and the Ed Holten pictured above called Safety Passes Over. Chenoweth's electrical-tower monument to three pioneers of electricity, Hertz, Tesla, and Van de Graff, was placed in a parking lot near some old electric factory buildings (or something). Can someone send me a photo to post? This is a picture of the work-in-progress. Ed Holten's piece is kooky and fun. Our first instinct was to stand behind it and put our faces in those portholes, like getting your picture taken at the fair as a muscleman or cowboy. What are those things called? Holten was there and said he was thinking of the shape of dams. I'm not sure if they are part of the piece or not but I really like the gray cinderblocks with the silver sculpture.
Here's a picture of Margery Albertini talking about her piece.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Manchester Sculpture show. I think it included and interesting diversity of sculptural work and more importantly it exposes our art to the community. What a great time for art in Manchester. Both the Radius and The Manchester Sculpture show present Richmonders a rare opportunity to view a wide range of contemporary art.

The cinder blocks are part of the piece, I knew I wanted it elevated and considered using other methods, but I thought the blocks worked best.

Martin said...

Ed Holten - I think the cinder blocks were a very good decision. The two different materials and colors work well together, they are like clunky shoes. This piece has so much personality - I think I see an elephant or something.

I forgot to say thanks to the organizers, Jennings Sheffield and Vaughn Garland, for all their hard work. Thank You!

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