Friday, November 25, 2005

Fra Angelico

Saw the Fra Angelico show at the Met, Mountain Man's post convinced me not to miss it. Van Gogh was tooooo crowded, maybe next time.

Some notes on what I (really) liked:

- the swirly blue green red pink yellow "floors" of Saint Catherine and Saint John the Baptist and Saint Zenobious and Saint Agnes, and the glowing pink reflection robes of that second picture.

- all the little details, some added later (by others?), of The Penitent St. Jerome in a Landscape. The scorpion, the red cardinal's hat, a crab, the weeds.

- pink rosy cheeks

- the CLEAN walls and rocky courtyard of Healing of Palladia by Saints Cosmas and Damian. And the purple robe. And the stool. And the silver pitcher on the silver tray.

- the scratched out eyes of all the figures in Saint Nicholas Saves..., I think, ... Three Innocent Men. Why? Is that Santa Claus?

- the fire painted over the leaves, flowers, and grass of St. Francis' Trial by Fire before the Sultan, leaving little raised dots.

- the pebbles, like white spray-paint drops almost, and reddish rocks of Saint Nicholas Calms a Tempest at Sea.

- all the black charm-points in the second panel of the five-panel The Naming of St. John the Baptist. Two black shoe tips of one guy; the black hem of a robe, tip of a sleeve, and hint of a collar of another. The woman is holding a black cup in one hand and a black cone-shaped vessel in her other. The two black windows, with their different shapes. The black edge along the grass on the bottom left, which follows the path and then becomes the side of the building.

Franklin is going to be posting something soon.