Friday, November 04, 2005

Surface Charge

nsc, originally uploaded by Bromirski.

Yikes! Only one month left to see the Surface Charge show and I haven't said anything about it yet! I've visited three times but still need to go back and just spend some quality time there. The Lisa Sigal piece is still my favorite, and I'm enjoying some of the others more and more with each visit. Sally Smart especially. They have an excellent website and if you go to this page and click on any of the names on the floorplan you can see that artist's contribution.

If you go today or tomorrow, please take note: the photo of the piece above is NOT part of the show. It was so funny to turn the corner today from the Karin Sander piece and see that they had removed a bookshelf, leaving this strange ghostly shape. It really looks like it could be a piece in the show. So funny.

Sorry my photo is bad, I ran outside and convinced a total stranger to come back in and take a photo with her cell-phone camera. Thanks, Ophelia!