Thursday, November 10, 2005

Project at Kensington

Project at Kensington, originally uploaded by Bromirski.
Trying to google an image of Dana Schutz's 2001 "Project at Kensington", which sold at auction yesterday for over $96k, the only thing I got was the above 1942 photo of a boy's art class at the Kensington Children's Center. Hmmm, that's funny.
Here is a picture of Dana's Project at Kensington painting. I do like her work, but... that is tooo much. It's crazy. Green is always nice though.


Anonymous said...

This painting seems both uncharacteristic and droll, not a good example of Dana's work. Auction valuations just aren't reliable. I see them as cartoon valuations. I agree with you that some of Dana's work is interesting and fun. I like her use of acid colors and some aspects of her technique. Most of her concepts are retreads, IMNSHO.

Michael McDevitt said...

When I saw that image, all I could think of was Mad Max.
"Who runs Barter Town?!!"
Kinda like Leave I t to Beaver meets Lord of the Flies

Anonymous said...

Auctions are the results of greedy collectors, not greedy artists, and are beyond the control of the artist, but add to the artist being judged unfairly. I know Dana made less then $1500 from that painting when it sold, yet people seem to say, oh, it's not worth it, or too much hype and forget to look at the work. I heard her speak last week and she was really human and her work is smart, but people keep talking about the market and forgetting about the work. it's a shame. i wish your post was about art, not money. also, seems crazy that Barnaby Furnas or Richard Phillps, or Dirk Skreber paintings are $150K+, yet they get away without being judged because of their markets. can't help think it's because of gender. what about Matthias Wieschler, his painting sold in London last month for almost $400K. He's the same age as Schutz and never even had a show in NY, yet everyone picks on the 'girl painter' and says her paintings aren't worth it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Anon #1. TOTALLY. The sales for male vs. female are shockingly in disparity. Think about how pissed people got with Cecily Brown too - her paintings were/are considered suspect because she cashes in on her sexual appeal in fashion magazines. Yet she's a good painter.

Anonymous said...

Martin, your paintings aren't worth the $600-800 you are asking. Leave Dana Schutz alone, her paintings are worth it.

Martin said...

Hi Anonymites -

Anon. #1 and #2 - Yes, those prices are ALL nuts. Not picking on the "girl painter", as I said, I like her work. I posted on this latest example of contemporary auction prices only because when I googled the title of her work that old photo came up and I thought it was funny.

I am in complete agreement with your comments on gender disparity, as anyone following this blog (see the Marlene Dumas posts, see the first Sculpture Invitational post) would know.

Anon. #3 - You are an idiot. What do you mean "leave Dana Schutz alone"? How does a not very strong criticism of the market become misconstrued as an attack on the artist?

Great "I know I am but what are you" 1st grade riposte. Really, you are an idiot. Smart choice remaining anonymous.

Anonymous said...

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