Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hoosick Falls visit

Here is a picture of the Hoosick Falls protest house I blogged about last month. They've painted over the side that is most visible to the town, and the front porch area. Why? Sorry I never got a photo.

The side that faces the neighbor's house is still good.

Below is Don's Barber Shop, which I visited to get a photo of his clock - made by Dee Shaw. The bottom half is a picture of John Street, with Don's shop in the middle, on the left. Don was the mayor of Hoosick Falls for about thirty years. Dee burns local scenes onto pieces of wood, sometimes adding color. I have four or five.


Here is a picture of Don cutting Mr. Eberle's hair. He is holding a fake winning scratch-off lottery ticket, HAR HAR! Don was the Mayor of Hoosick Falls for (about) thirty years.
WARNING: Don't get your hair cut here.

Look at this wild car, the back seat is crammed full of stuff. Can you see the little sign in the back window? What's going on? Is the car for sale?

No. It is only Pampers for sale. Click here for a bigger picture, and to be able to read the list of other products available. I think my mom bought a sofa and chairs from this guy.


Across the street from Don's, Mrs. Loretan has opened a small gallery. Below is a photo of one of the two Thomas Moses paintings she has in her window. The next building up is the storefront that first displayed the paintings of Grandma Moses, Thomas Moses' great-grandmother.

Thomas Moses is good! I'm going to post some more photos later.


Anonymous said...

this is GREAT! one of your best blog entries yet! ;)

Hungry Hyaena said...

You're from a great part of the country, and one I often fantasize about living in one day.

Excellent post.

Martin said...

I want to live in a protest house, wear protest clothes, and drive a protest car.

Unknown said...

The owners of the house in your first two pictures wanted to zone the house multi family and were denied by the village zoning board. They painted the house like that as a fuck you to the village. Sadly it became one of the things Hoosick Falls was known for. I believe that it's been painted over in recent years though.