Tuesday, November 01, 2005

give me some money

Does anybody want to buy a painting? I'm ready to sell some nice big ones for only six to eight hundred dollars each, maybe less if you'll take more than one.*

Any of the top four here, or any of these except for the green one. Can you see the little figure in the center of painting above? She's the same figure featured in the Sunflower pictures I've been posting; very very tiny here, on the beach here.

How about this one? Look at the charming details! How about this one? Look!! It's with Jonathan Franzen!!!

Are you a gallery? Why don't you pick five for $600 each and try to sell them for two grand apiece? Maybe not so hard to do in a better market and you would profit seven thousand dollars!! Come to my house.

FYI - the most I have ever sold a painting for was $3,500, from a show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Second highest was $2,600 from a show at ADA Gallery. Biggest fell swoop was selling four large works-on-paper for $2,000 apiece; those works are currently hanging in the Mission Park building at Williams College.

* shipping and/or delivery is not included. This offer may not last long. Act now.


Anonymous said...

wow, Mr. B, I really like that painting above. Sorry I'm no market for you, but hang in there and keep hammering away, something's got to pop.

Anonymous said...

Heya Brom,

I can't afford your paintings since I'm flat broke, but I'd be more than happy to consider commisioning the addition of some little-people to the painting I already have of yours.

Martin said...

Bill - Thank you. Again!

Nate - No. That painting is already perfect.

Hey, the digital stuff on your website looks good.