Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beq, Diane Derr, Rachel Hayes, Timothy Michael Martin, Ryan Mulligan, and Amie Oliver at Spaces, Places, Centers, and Fairs

Rachel Hayes
Here is a picture of Rachel Hayes' Sculpture Center installation. Looks GREAT, Rachel, and I love the slightly crooked flourescent light line and it's reflections on your hanging. Is that a hallway? Congratulations for making a hard space sing and hum and buzz and zip. There is something musical happening; something electronic, tonal, and rythmic. I bet Tom Moody would enjoy this piece.

Diane Derr
Diane Derr is included in The Mind/Body Problem at Artists Space, January 12 - February 18, with an opening reception TONIGHT from 6-8pm.

Diane is a Richmond native currently living in Chicago.

Mike Martin's painting in my bedroom
Timothy Michael Martin and Beq are both included in the Mid-Atlantic New Painting 2006 exhibition at University of Mary Washington's Ridderhof Martin Gallery, January 26 - March 3, with an opening reception on the 26th from 5-7pm.

I have a Mike Martin painting!

Amie Oliver's work is up at The Painting Center, in a show called Grand Allusions. Heart as Arena recently recommended visiting this show to see the work of Maria Pia Marrella.

Ryan Mulligan is, I think, collaborating with Marc Horowitz on a performance piece at ArtLA, Jan 19 - 22. Wow, good for Ryan.


Martin said...

oh, i forgot to say, these are all current or recent richmonders showing elsewhere.

Heart As Arena said...

Dude. You so put a hurtin' on me today. Excellent. Thanks.

Heart As Arena said...

Ha! Crackhead that I am I didn't even notice the reference to my post. I was reeling too much from that first image.

Anonymous said...

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