Friday, January 13, 2006

mean me

Is this the same Roberta Smith that wrote -

"Swoon has been known for the large-scale linoleum block prints of expertly drawn city folk that she has been plastering around the Lower East Side and Brooklyn for several years"

but didn't write that until covering Swoon's solo show at Deitch? Why not just write about the art, why follow the market all the time?

mean me, part ii: That part about being "daring young pioneers" moving from Brooklyn to Chelsea... that's a joke, right?

mean me, part iii: Someone who went to those openings please tell me that Nick Lawrence's work is much much better in real life. Are these the best slides crossing Bill Brady's desk? This is the same Nick Lawrence that used to be a partner in LFL and now owns Freight + Volume, right? This is the same ATM Gallery that... never mind.


Anonymous said...

I like the mean police man inside you.

martin said...

note to self -- keep it stupid, stupid

Martin said...

not me above, but yes, i am very very stoopid.

Anonymous said...

yeah it's the same nick lawrence. his work is terrible. i can't figure out how/why he got the show, except that his ex-partner at LFL, zach feuer's wife alison fox shows at ATM. maybe there's a connection.

the work is much worse in person.