Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i keep finding treasures

I keep finding treasures.

Something caught my eye walking by this little tree in the middle of a parking lot on Sunday.

It looked like trash, but it was little birds, made of metal, wire, hot glue, and some kind of tape. I didn't have my cell phone with me so I couldn't take any pictures, but I thought about them that night and decided to go back the next day.

Here is one.

Here is the underside of another.

I was looking at the birds and almost didn't notice the flowers, they weren't noticed at all the first day, the colors blended into the twigs and leaves on the ground. I picked up one flower, then another, then another. There are five altogether.

I saw that one of the flower bulbs had a baby, or a fetus, shape. This was such a sweet surprise. The baby shape is cut metal, with paper around it. Metal stems with metal roots. Sorry my camera is not so good with detail.

So then I looked carefully at all the flowers, to see if they also had baby shapes. This startled me, it is a girl's profile. Can you see the ponytail?

This one is a dancing girl. The photo is awful, and the metal shape is difficult to distinguish from the paper surrounding it. They all have special shapes.

This experience had everything.


Mountain Man said...

Martin, this post is gorgeous! You are a finder of tragic lost sweetness. I felt like I was on the finding adventure with you.

Nate said...

Might I add, that is one fine-dandy camera-phone you have there. Hey, wait... since when did you get a phone? I have some people trying to get in contact with you b/c of the Radius250 thing and I don't know how to get a hold of you...

Martin said...

Nate - My e-mail is on that view my profile page, or you can send a friendster message.

Anonymous said...

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