Friday, June 16, 2006

the phantom

From yesterday's Richmond Times-Dispatch -

"Richmond's graffiti vandals are getting a one-time-only amnesty offer. Clean up your mess, and you won't go to jail. City prosecutors invite all local aerosol-paint artists to attend a meeting Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at 1103 W. Marshall St. There, vandals will be asked to identify everything -- homes, buildings, bridges, schools, tunnels, streets they've illegally spray painted, or "tagged." Then, they'll be put to work cleaning up their own messes. In exchange for fessing up, vandals will not be prosecuted."

This is a good chance to gain some instant notoriety for very little effort. You can go and claim to be Goest!! You would be maybe a hero! They would write articles about you! People would whisper "there goes Goest" as you passed. The "real" Goest might continue, but he would just be copying you.







No Goest! Also, NO Playing or maybe Praying!

That would be so funny, for someone to come out and steal Goest's thunder. How frustrating for Goest, perhaps.


Parker said...

Martin, there is something I must admit to you...I'm Goest...or am I?

Anonymous said...

no parker, it is I... that is... THE GOEST.

RATS said...


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