Friday, July 14, 2006

photography deadline

The deadline for this year's Virginia Commission for the Arts Fellowships is August 1, 2006. This year's categories are photography and fiction.

Below is a partial listing of local photographers, with links to their websites. Please e-mail or comment with all of the names I'm missing, and I can add them later (i know i'm forgetting a lot).

George Allen
Terry Brown
- she is in FEAST!
Sun Tek Chung
Travis Conner - i really liked his Chop Suey show.
Charles Gustina
Michael Lease - he also had a good show at Chop Suey.
Travis Fullerton
Aimee Koch
Patricia Lyons
Will May
Monica Palma Narvaez - is she still in town?
Alyssa Salomon - does she have a website?
Michael Seal - he won a VMFA professional grant this year.
H. Jennings Sheffield
Georgianne Stinnett - she is a current Trawick Prize finalist.
Someone Strange
Paul Thulin
Christopher Weideman
Mel Worthington
Sam Worthington

Good Luck!!


trees said...

Add Travis Fullerton to your list of photographers...

martin said...

trees - he was already there!

trees said...


Hidalgo jimenez said...

Podría agregar a Charles Gustina, SamWorthington, Mel Worthington, Paul Thulin, Patricia Lyons, y Georgianne Stinett. Soy seguro que hay otros pero me olvido. Pienso que es el jetlag y esta forma de vida playboy. Si recuerdo más escribiré otra vez.
Amo su blog.

Paz a usted Anaba

Anonymous said...

and you forgot Jennings Sheffield, who was most of the people you listed's grad instructor at VCU.

martin said...

thanks, i'm adding all the names as i get them. more please.

W.W.A.D. said...

Christopher Wiedeman is missing and he won a VMFA professional award for video.


Anonymous said...

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