Wednesday, August 16, 2006

as seen on paintersnyc!!!

Hey! One of my paintings was featured on PaintersNYC yesterday!!

Very thrilling (for me), and informative. All of it is helpful... even the negative stuff. Someone said, "It looks like easter eggs that didn't get found till halloween. Jesus, this stuff brings me down". YES! Exactly! An Easter egg that didn't get found until Halloween! Wow. That is me. A sad lost lonely little easter egg. That sounds so... so... so Richmond, or something. I'm glad it hasn't been all positive or negative, but lots of both; the all one or the other threads are usually the most boring.

I left a comment stating that I'm represented by Matthew Marks, with a link to one of the photos I took in Miami last year... and some of them bought it! Man, I hope someone goes into Matthew Marks and asks to see my work... that would be hilarious.

The thread has been visited by at least one nutjob, and an occassionally insightful person who can also be a long-winded drag...

thanks, Daumier! thanks, Painter!

BONUS: I'm not the first current Richmonder to be featured on PaintersNYC, Eric Sall was featured a couple months ago.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed very much the conversation on Painter NYC but I don't understand why you claimed to be represented by Matthew Marks. Did you hope to see whether or not it would change the tone of the conversation? Do you feel as if it did?

fairy butler said...

i thought the matthew marks comment was funny martin. and nice to see your stuff up there. sorry i missed it yesterday!

Cooky Blaha said...

i didnt get the marks joke. dont you wish you were repped by him? dont we all?

martin said...

anonymous - it was really just what i thought was an obvious joke, no strategy, just a funny from left-field.

it does crack me up though at the thought of people going to the matthew marks website and looking for my work.

maybe... a little perhaps i was trying to show that i do other things, am into context, fill it out a little.

fairy butler - thanks!

cooky - do you mean that you believed it, or that you didn't think it was funny? did you click on that link, the one with the picture? i did that with a bunch of dealers at artbasel.

YES! i do wish i was repped by him! i wish i was repped by anyone!

teamtruth said...

Martin, you are funny and a good artist. The Painter people seem increasingly moronic. I find it hard to read anything they write now. Just personal preferences/prejudices from most of them. Interesting to see people scramble to defend their stance and reinforce their bitter feelings. Defensive posturing I guess.
The photo of your paintings in the ocean gives me laugh, cry feelings.

carla said...

Martin has such a teflonic (and contagious) great attitude. Very fun to see it infect the PaintersNYC colony.

fairy butler said...

teamtruth, i agree. they need to lighten up over there.

onesock said...

NOO! I cant beleive i missed it! I was beaten down by the anti sculpture crowd over there. Anyway what a hoot Martin. I am soo glad you got exposure and that you seemed to enjoy the comments- im gonna go check those out.
Keep the fire!

Anonymous said...

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