Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Data: Art Candy Study... UPDATED 2x

New York Magazine has two pieces on gender disparity; Jerry Saltz's Where Are All the Women?, looking at MoMA, and this tally of women to men at six other art-world institutions.

New York Magazine should maybe do a tally of it's Art Candy feature... fifty-nine men to sixteen women since August 1st.


UPDATE: i made a new label, guerilla anaba, for posts mentioning gender disparity. Here's the post in which I note that of the SIXTEEN consecutive individual artist reviews (12/04 through 12/05) written by Jerry Saltz, only FOUR featured women. i get anonymously attacked in the comments, Jerry gets nothing but praise.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: okay, i've re-checked all of those individual artist features, and counted even the smaller blurby ones i'd ignored previously.... the NEW tally is TWENTY-FOUR artists reviewed, SEVEN of whom are female.

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