Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kenneth Noland

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Kenneth Noland... I stole this from A_Christian.


Kai said...

upload the gif to photobucket, then paste the code from there. Cakewalk.

martin said...

did it. thanks, kai.

Fish or Cut Bait said...

This comment thread starts with an answer!

I am scrambling for the question.

a_christian said...

scrambling as well.

Unfortunate for her (Cady), this thing had to lead back to her father.

now how did you get it to animate in the post?

a_christian said...

maybe I don't want it animated in the post, it's actually really abnoxious.

martin said...

sorry y'all..

initially the post only had the jpg, with a link to the gif and a question on how to post a gif. the first comment is kai explaining how to do it.

a_christian - i think it looks GREAT! thanks.

Anonymous said...

cady noland is a better artist than her father

Anonymous said...

I love it, but then again, I love his targets, especially the recent ones.


Anonymous said...

Recent targets?! how wonderful.
He seems to be on an upswing. And he's a young fella by today's standards. hope he quit smoking.

Martin said...

what does cady noland do now? does she still make art and just not show it, or what?

R. Smith, NYTimes, 6/18/88 -

"At John Gibson Gallery (568 Broadway), through July 1, is ''Sunrise Highway,'' which may at first strike the visitor as a roundup of the gallery artists, until you realize the names are all new and unknown - at which point the show becomes yet another barometer of the current rage for appropriated objects. The work by Cady Noland and Antoine Laval shows promise. Nonetheless, the show suggests that this could be the summer for younger artists to seriously consider whether the pressure to appropriate - especially from hardware stores - is based on fad or on personal necessity."

a_christian said...

this is the most recent mention of her I could find


and from salt


Martin said...

yeah, thanks. joe fyfe wrote on that show also. triple candie is fun... i like the matthew higgs society.