Sunday, May 11, 2008

303 Gallery

303 Gallery's Simon Greenberg sent Mark Barry an e-mail telling Mark to remove two photographs of Maureen Gallace paintings from his flickr site, photos he took at the 2006 Armory Show (press preview?).

hello mark -

this is simon at 303 gallery. i noticed you had an image of Maureen Gallace's work up on your flickr page - please be aware that 303 Gallery owns the copyright to the work and all public display of images, including web content. if you could kindly remove this image from your page, it would be most appreciated.


303 Gallery is claiming to own the copyright to gallery artists' work? That's ridiculous.

TOO FUNNY: "Chelsea Shoot Themselves In The Foot"... "Chelsea’s bizarre attempts at public relations"... "Chelsea Director of Communications Simon Greenberg"... PR Week says ‘Simon Greenberg is about to embark on a major charm offensive".

Christoph Buchel
Corner of Rodney Graham painting at Hauser and Wirth's Armory (2008) booth... I was photographing Christoph Buchel's Mickey Mouse. Rodney Graham is the artist currently showing at 303 Gallery, an exhibition photographed here by Brent Burket.

What would be the 303 opinion if Disney came after Buchel, for infringing on Mickey? Answer: Who cares.

The other artist whose work I photographed at Hauser and Wirth's booth was a painting by Jakub Julius Ziolkowski (scroll down), whose work I've previously photographed at 303 Gallery.

- Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, at 303 Gallery, posted to anaba 7/6/07 (scroll down).
- Inka Essenhigh, at 303 Gallery, posted to anaba 3/27/06.
- Plus, here's a link to all the 303 Gallery photos on flickr.

- "no photography"... of Richard Pettibone???
- C-Monster's 303 RANT.
- Louis Vuitton collaborates with Richard Prince, but sues designer Nadia Plesner, writing "as an artist yourself, we hope that you recognize the need to respect other artists' rights and Louis Vuitton's Intellectual Property rights".
- Mark Barry took my photo at the 2008 Armory show, without my knowledge, and posted it to flickr.


Anonymous said...

That will show those fuckers at 303!

Mark Barry said...

As there are young children visiting my flickr I had to remove your picture.

Martin said...

i'll see you in court!

Anonymous said...

My advice to anyone who gets threatening letters from galleries is this: they can't afford litigation. They will never pursue you in court for use of images. They would never allow themselves to been seen by the public in that way. Let them threaten you until the cows come home. Fuck those fucking fuckers.

Anonymous said...

ericgelber is right. I had a similar scrape a few years back when I posted an unfavorable review of someone's work. (Actually, it wasn't even a bad review of the work--I was voicing my opposition to an entire genre and displayed her work without direct comment as a prime example of the genre.) Much heat and little light was generated by cease-and-desist letters and threats of litigation. I stood firm, citing all manner of fair use and 1st Amendment precedent. In retrospect, I wasted my time--I should have just thrown the threats in the trash and moved on.

Anonymous said...

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