Sunday, July 12, 2009

bravo reality art show

bravo reality art show. is anybody considering it? thoughts? anonymous comments fine.


Heart As Arena said...
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Sharon said...

Martin--you should definitely apply. And write all about it. Also, party at Pocket Utopia this Thursday, 6-9. 246 Editions!

zipthwung said...

The problem with past attempts at reality shows is no conflict.

It would be nice to see some academic figuarative realists clash with scatter art Home Depot conceptualists. How many conceptualists can draw too?

I think the all around winner is different from the niche winner. Like the art decathlon.

But no, I'm not up for it. Not that I'm against it. Some of the more interestign perfomance artists would be great - essentially actors or people with great affect (Sasha Baron Cohen, Andy Kaufman, Warhol).

Art contests favor spectacle no? It would be great to see a flamboyant realist.

Jason Ramos said...

I considered, then forgot about it (the casting call was today and yesterday). So I guess I didn't think it was that great. 23 page application, hard copy portfolio...would've liked to have seen who showed up though. Hope somebody fucks the whole thing up.

Martin said...

i think it sounds fun... but yeah the application process might be a pain.

i can't imagine real artists looking all bright and eager getting critted by whoever the judges are... not like the other shows. that could be a laugh. i wonder if matthew higgs or joao ribas are involved?

mostly i want to be on SURVIVOR!, amazing race, or dancing with the stars.

Joanne Mattera said...

Martin, after that slug-fest picture, you should be on Survivor.

As for the reality art show, I'd rather eat dirt. Everyone is edited to make them look stupid, egotistical, conniving or all of the above. The winner, rarely a woman, is selected by the producers, not the "judges" (read the fine print that passes by in a blur on all of those shows).

Still, if it's as well cast and well paced as Project Runway, I'll watch it.

Anonymous said...