Monday, July 13, 2009

246 Editions

Pocket Utopia presents Business Edition, a one-night exhibition of artist-produced editions and prints, incluing a selection of the recently inaugurated Kris Graves Projects + Pocket Utopia joint Flatfile and recent editions from 246 Editions.... THIS THURSDAY, 6-9pm!

- a Pocket Utopia limited edition by Adam Simon.
- Recent Editions from 246 Editions artists Sharon Butler, Douglas Witmer, Matthew Langley, Steven Alexander, Martin Bromirski, Peter Dayton, Alex Paik, Isaac Layman, JT Kirkland, Susan Dory, Jeffrey Cortland Jones.
- Hand-worked print by Andrew Piedilato published by Randy Wray’s Element Editions,
- Brece Honeycutt’s Byproduct... yikes! what is that?
- A recent Maggie Michael painting on paper from KGP&PU Flatfile.
- additional work by Pocket Utopia’s current artist-in-residence, Sharon Butler.

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