Monday, July 13, 2009

small a projects

SHOCKER!!! - Went to the grocery store Saturday evening and saw what looked like some kind of art show, in an empty space nearby...

It was the opening for a show with Darren Bader, Justin Beal, Sarah Braman, Corin Hewitt, Bill Jenkins, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Dave McKenzie, Joe Montgomery, Carter Mull, Alex Olson, Amanda Ross-Ho, Erin Shireff, Siebren Versteeg!?!?!?

This is a small town of 5,000, about an hour north of Albany. I work on a farm. There is really nothing here. This was shocking... I was not prepared... my camera ran out of battery. I am still stunned.

Small A Projects' Owner/Director Laurel Gitlen's parents live nearby... she decided to have a summer show up here. WOw. It is a great show in a fantastic space... painting, sculpture, installation, video... I will go back and take photos.

The show is open Thursday-Saturday noon-six, through August 16th. If you come up you could also easily visit Mass MoCA (North Adams), the Tang (Saratoga), the Clark (Williamstown), more. Go to the track. There will be a closing reception August 16th.


Jon Lutz said...

thanks martin. very cool

DUBZ said...

looks like a hot show. i'm jealous of your grocery store, too.


Martin said...