Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hudson Franklin

Alice Konitz, Untitled (3 pieces), 2009, wood aluminum, gold paper, paint.

LAST SHOW at Hudson Franklin. Bummer. CLOSES Friday 7/24th.

Jamisen Ogg, Associate (bench), 2008.

Fawn Krieger, Case Study 63, 2008.

Fawn on anaba 10/25/2008, Fawn on anaba 2/22/o8, Fawn at the Armory Show.

Fawn Krieger, Overcast, 2009.

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Jon Lutz said...

really liking those Fawn Krieger works...is "Case Study" plugged in?

Nomi Lubin said...

Why is Overcast so unnerving? It's partly the fabric against the other material, like a Devil Dog rubbing against cloth.

It's good.


jon- yes the case study is plugged in! it's part lamp / part house. in the photo, you can see a little light coming down from it's second floor, which casts onto the floor of the gallery.

Jon Lutz said...

thanks fawn. very nice.