Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cave Painting NY #1

Cave Painting, organized by Bob Nickas, with Ajay Kurian. Deep below W 25th Street.

This is the first of a two-part show. Next month they re-hang the cave with Joanne Greenbaum, Chris Martin, Olivier Mosset, RH Quaytman, Roger White... many anaba favorites. Most - all? - of these artists are included in Nickas' Painting Abstraction.

Varda Caivano
Varda Caivano

Stanley Whitney

Chris Vasell

Anja Schworer (?)

Ajay Kurian
Artist and curator Ajay Kurian.... in the cave!!!

Chuck Webster
Chuck Webster - liked his show at the Berkshire Museum.

Circus on Mars. Cro-mirski make alien cave panting gud. Me like Cro-mirski. Why no Cro-mirski in deep hole?


Anonymous said...

The one you're unsure of is Chris Vasell. The painting is actually based on a work by Charles Burchfield!

Martin said...

thanks i fixed it. liked his face painting with the sliced stickers too.

Anonymous said...

looks very interesting and i am excited about part two.
i really dig stanley W.

Martin said...

me too i want to go to that part 2 opening.

quaytman has a 1-week show at miguel abreu but when i went to see it they were setting up chairs for a lecture and abreu wouldn't let me look.

Anonymous said...

They are a bit snooty and self important at Abreau good work but not a welcoming place. They don't really care about the person walking in I have observed.

Nomi Lubin said...

"The painting is actually based on a work by Charles Burchfield!"

Oh, how strange.

kalm james said...

Don’t complain, and don’t explain. If this represents Nickas’ view of where contemporary “abstract” painting is, then I’d have to say, he’s a few years behind the curve (not that I don’t like and admire many of the painters represented). This would have been great to see in 2004. A lot of these people have already been in the Biennials, Greater New Yorks and other mega shows. I’ll make a point of dropping in and checking it out.

Nomi Lubin said...

Oh, you people move too fast for me. Is it 2004 already?

Anonymous said...

James, I couldn't agree more

zipthwung said...


I like caves.

I am still in 2001.

I think the color stuff is supposed to reflect as in local color - lots of artists have done stuff liek that including TUrell, who needs to finish his stupid crater so I can do shrooms in it.

Burchfield is trippy. SO is grant wood.

Jeffrey Collins: Painter said...

Wish I could get there to see this show. It's always good to see shows about PAINTING and ABSTRACTION.