Monday, December 27, 2004


I'm back!

Following are answers to some recently posed questions:

Someone at Artforum.com replied almost immediately to my question asking why Scene & Herd's Talkback option doesn't work. I received an e-mail from Artforum on December 16th stating "I have forwarded your message to our on-line editor". So now I'm waiting to hear from Elizabeth Schambelan - the "editor" that sent a NADA member to review NADA. Why get a Miami writer to talk about NADA when you can give a friend a free trip to Miami, right? It's not like you actually want to dis NADA or anything, you're all bestest friends! It was great to see Sarah Hromack of Forward Retreat include faux non-profits on her worst list (guess I should pull a Tyler Green and point out that I said it first, here and here. From now on, whenever I do that, I'm going to call it a "pulling a Tyler Green").

Someone at Connor Contemporary Art in D.C. got back to me on my Kehinde Wiley price request. The price for this digital print(you need to click on the title to see it), edition of 30, in a faux-gold frame is "2200, framed". I forgot to ask if it was signed or not, I'm assuming not. $2,200.00 times an edition of 30 equals $66,000.00. Let's suppose Kehinde makes 10 paintings a year and does the same thing with all of them - $66,000.00 times 10 equals $660,000.00. Wow. That helps to explain some of the NYTimes article. If you think I don't like this you are wrong! I'd prefer to see them made as glossy posters that can be made in editions of 10,000 and sold for $15.00 each at the mall, but either way, I am all for the artist getting paid! Only wish I liked his work more. Keep at it, Kehinde!

Didn't get my Tyler Green Top-Ten List Link. Dan Hopewell of Chicago's Iconoduel thinks it's because of this. Ya think? Actually, Tyler e-mailed me and said something about flirting and plagiarism, probably referring to this. Oh well. Tyler likes to dish it out but he certainly can't take it, and Tyler Green knocking Holland Cotter is absurd. Rothenberg, Ryman, and Johns? Oh my! I admire Tyler a lot, but I'm not going to pander for a link. Thanks anyway, Tyler!


Tyler said...

For the record, my email to you pointed out that he who accuses me of plagiarism, with neither supporting evidence nor coherent case, is unlikely to receive a link. Challenge my ideas and opinions all you like -- all that is appreciated -- but questioning my integrity with no basis in fact, won't earn you any favors from me.

Zeke's, the Montreal Art Gallery said...


I'm confused here. Could you explain to me exactly who is calling whom, what?

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