Thursday, December 16, 2004

NADA Nonprofit

Can anyone tell me what makes NADA a nonprofit?

Excerpts from an article by Benjamin Genocchio, via Tom Moody's blog.

"So far its activities have been largely social, consisting of pizza nights and cocktail parties at the galleries and homes of members. There is even talk of a softball team. (Maybe NADA could play A.D.A.A., the Art Dealers Association of America.) There have also been loans of equipment and artwork among members and some referrals of buyers. In the fall the group arranged guided tours of NADA galleries in Chelsea and Williamsburg, Brooklyn."

Beck Smith, owner of Bellwether -

"At NADA's art fair in Miami, Ms. Smith said, there was a lot of interest in her artists. "I used to joke that NADA stood for networking and drinking," she said, "but after Miami I've realized it is much more. Three years ago I would sell one print of the work of Sharon Core out of a show. I sold 25 of her photographs in Miami, ranging in price from $2,000 to $4,500. Since coming back, I've sold a couple of prints almost every day. There are even waiting lists for work she hasn't made."

It's so commercial Michelle Maccarone, owner of Maccarone Gallery, doesn't even want to join -

"But NADA's chummy atmosphere is not for everyone. Despite overtures, Ms. Maccarone remains a nonmember. She says she has a different vision and model for her gallery. "I operate more like a kunsthalle, doing four or five in-depth solo exhibitions a year," she said. "I'm also more interested in installation and site-specific work. Basically it's less market driven."

Scope is also a nonprofit, and at least their website states the following -

"Scope also devotes a portion of its program to educational forums and new media which includes moderated panel discussions and video and film screenings. Panel discussions in the past have touched on such relevant topics as Building Unique Collections and The Culture Economy. Additional events include receptions with local museums, performances and music programs."

What does NADA do besides the fair? Is there a mailing list I can join to attend one of the pizza nights or cocktail parties? I can't find any evidence that they have done anything other than the fair.

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