Saturday, December 04, 2004

let's make an artblogopolis

Lenny Campello has recently noted on Washington, DC Art News that the Washington Post has reduced it's weekly gallery coverage to only twice a month. What? I can't believe it!! You mean newspapers cover art???

Richmond has two newspapers, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Style Weekly, and the Times-Dispatch is useless. Richmond artists and art-lovers only have Style to look forward to, and this week Style has no art coverage at all.

You know what, I don't even care anymore that the Times-Dispatch doesn't cover art. It's a crap newspaper anyway. Following are links to a few Richmond artists who've started blogging on art. I'm hoping for twenty more, and we can start some real dialogue.

All three of these artistbloggers are twenty-something VCU students and blogging is infrequent at best. VCU dominated Richmond could use some non-VCU artbloggers. Twenty Richmond artists each blogging a few times a week, with a lot of overlap and disagreement, would be ideal.

Ryan at Mugsy the Bear - Ryan is into video and performance art.
Judy at Play - Judy knows everything about printmaking, old-school and digital.
Cristina at Lipstick - Cristina studies painting.

Let's create a Richmond artblogopolis -- our own Montparnasse cafe, our own Cedar Bar, within which we can argue, debate, extol, praise, ridicule, criticize, and support each other's art and opinions. Let's not ignore each other or allow ourselves to be ignored!

Messy Democraticism is the new Black!!


Todd Gibson said...

Mrs. FtF, a real fashion designer, tells me that for Spring 2005 green is the new black but for Spring 2006 yellow will be the new black.

Messy Democraticism isn't the new black. It's actually the new Socialism.

n8shac said...

The first time I searched, I got nothing. Then I found an Arts Calendar online for the TD. What do I win?



Paul Goode said...

Yep, that is a perfectly necessary idea. I will try to participate... and already doing so.


Anonymous said...

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