Friday, December 17, 2004

New American Paintings II

Haven't heard anything yet from the New American Paintings competition, but I have heard from a few artists who found out they were accepted. They got their acceptance letters a couple weeks ago, so it is pretty safe to assume I didn't get in. Again!

Oh well, I've known enough people who have been accepted to know not to give up. It's not like the New York Academy in Rome or anything.

Tyler Green has a nice MAN post on the death of Agnes Martin. I liked the following bit -

"At breakfast, they talked about art and art-making. John had seen photographs of Martin's apartment and noticed that she hadn't decorated it with any of her own paintings, so he asked her about it.

"Do you have any of your own paintings in the apartment?" he asked her. Martin looked at him like he was stupid. "Well, no" she said. "They all sell."

My apartment, on the other hand, is full of my paintings. Oh yeah, and there is that storage locker in Hoosick, NY I pay $30.00/month on, that's full of my paintings too.

I have three paintings I have to pick up from Krause Gallery in Atlanta. Anyone want to buy them and save me the hassle? We'll work with you!

P.S. If you happen to click on that page and see that it lists me as having an MFA, that's not true! I dropped out!


Anonymous said...

anyone with any sense knows that the New American Paintings magazine is a total scam (it's like those poetry contests). all the work is generally of a homogenous bland quality and its a magazine for god's sake. paintings are not meant to be experienced in print. illustration is for print.

ps. agnes martin is the fuckin' illest. rip.

Anonymous said...

I have been featured in a past edition of New American Paintings, as have a number of artists that I personally know. The effect that publication had for me and others has been dramatic. I cannot think of another venue that offers the opportunity for such widepspread, substantial exposure...where else can you get 4 pages in a nationally distributed publication for free?

Is there bland work in the publication? Absolutely. But I have always found a great deal of interesting work as well....mine included, I hope. In any case, scam is a ridiculous descriptive for the project...sounds like sour grapes to me.

Martin said...

I'm with Anonymous #2. It's great exposure, I always look at it (at the bookstore) - even when I lived in Tokyo.

I know a number of people who have been included, most of whom to no noticeable effect, but one friend was contacted and picked up by an Atlanta gallery.

Anonymous said...

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