Wednesday, December 08, 2004

David A. Ross

From NYTimes correspondents on Bizarro-World:

David A. Ross, a former Whitney director, said that donors deserve their tax breaks. "I think it's totally appropriate and wonderful that one of the things collectors can do is buy a $1 million painting but don't actually deed the gift until it's worth $10 million and get a $9 million tax credit," said Mr. Ross, now the president of the Artist Pension Trust. "I think that's wonderful. It's the only way government supports the arts."

Tax breaks to people who can afford million-dollar artworks is not support for the arts where I live, but it is on Bizarro-World!

Kudos also has to go to the government for its generous recognition of NADA as a non-profit organization. What would we do without all of NADA's charitable work?

Thanks, Government!

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