Wednesday, May 18, 2005

a favorite from abroad

Originally uploaded by Bromirski.

Sesshu is a favorite from abroad. Can you see the little figure on the steps? Here is a bigger and better image of it. Actually, just go to this page and click on the thumnbails to see some great reproductions. Awesome.

If I could figure out how to post two photos to one blog entry I'd have probably posted this one also. He was seventy-seven when he did it.


gregg chadwick said...

Thanks for the links and info on Sesshu.
Really interesting stuff. "Landscape in Broken Ink" is
wonderfully understated. And I can imagine you using that title, in homage to Sesshu, for one of your own works.

Zeke's, the Montreal Art Gallery said...


The way that I do two pictures in one is thusly:

1. Post a picture,
2. Publish
3. Go to Blogger dashboard
4. Edit posts
5. Find post with picture, copy it to something like Word, Notepad or some other file
6. Publish the post as a Draft
7. Go find and post picture number 2
8. Copy/Paste the stuff from Word or Notepad into the new post
9. Publish

Despite the number of steps it takes me about an extra 30 seconds to do.

If you have any questions, email me.

donnygeorge said...

i like the idea small figure in the large expanse of the world. that idea of man's insignificance. or just man going about his daily activities as another part of nature.

from what i've seen of your paintings, when you incorporate figures into your landscapes, there is an intense awareness of scale. a synethesia similar to the sense of falling that you get from one wayne theibauds vertical street scenes. i think your take on the theme is very interesting and it's something i hadn't really thought too much about before. yours tend to have a lot of "emotional" content or narrative.

Anonymous said...

yes for the scale Martin. Please bring back the little guys. They exist in vast lands engaged in intimate activities. I love them so.

Anonymous said...

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