Thursday, May 12, 2005

Marlene Dumas - 1994

Two opposing and simultaneous views on the work of Marlene Dumas from the same October 1994 issue of Art in America -

Jerry Saltz in his article A Year in the Life:Tropic of Painting: "the flat-footed ways they're painted leave me completely cold".

Richard Vine in the reviews section on her show at Jack Tilton: "in all these pictures the handling of the paint is direct, notational and extremely deft, as though Dumas were recording her dreams in their raw immediacy".


Zeke's, the Montreal Art Gallery said...


Do you see any similarities between Greg Allen's article about women getting no respect $$$wise in the art world, and Dan Le Batard's column in Sunday's Miami Herald about Nash winning the MVP?

And do you think if we were to ask nicely, Mr. Allen would check the dollar values for black women artists' work? Or perhaps Mr. Le Batard could look at the numbers for the Lauren Jackson and figure that there was some discrepancy due to her being from Australia.

KatePaints said...

Hey Martin. Yeah, she does paint some strange but powerful stuff, doesn't she? The Saatchi Gallery has a good resource page on Marlene Dumas (bio, paintings, articles, etc.) that, I think, gives a pretty good background.

martin said...

thanks kate. have you seen the paintersnyc blog? very exciting.


Anonymous said...

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