Thursday, May 05, 2005

Show at Plant Zero

I've just come from the show of 1st year painting grads at Plant Zero. Very nice! Lots of rainbows though - I think rainbows have about run their current course, nice as they are.

Here are some brief blurbs on the stuff I recall -

Saul Becker - Nice paintings. He's got some rainbows, a bit of the new goth thing going, but they still seem clean, fresh, and inventive. Clear. Yesterday I was on Frances Barth's site and I like her work a lot, something about some of Saul's stuff has a similar feel.

Saul has just returned from a residency at the Bemis Center and won a VMFA Fellowship (grad level).

Jody Schwab - Do I have that name right? Everytime I see her stuff it's something different, she's been doing a lot of experimenting. Here she has two small bodies of very different work - the paintings and drawings don't hold my attention much but she has some very interesting drooping paint jellyfish/crysanthemum/blue ribbon conglomerations on the wall. If you took out my brain and threw it against a white wall it might look like one of these.

I think I'll go back and look at these some more.

Calvin Burton - Lots of rainbows, lots of experimentation, kind of design-y. He has one small one that looks just like a Neo Rauch without people.

Joe McSpadden - has a good lumpy white one.

Rachel Hayes - Parts of this I really like. There is a shin-high orange fabric "wall" running along the floor near the real wall and a pipe wrapped tight in green and white stripes. These charm points are part of a larger installation of hanging fabric which seems extraneous.

She's got some other interesting work as well.

That isn't all of them - it's a good show - go see it. Not sure how long it runs for.


Anonymous said...

lost of potential for those artists. i think that a few of them need to work through a lot of the fresh beginnings aspects in their work, but a lot of potential, very stylish. its a nice looking show almost too much on the walls though. No room for the work to breath.

Anonymous said...

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