Thursday, May 26, 2005

Photos of Recommendation: Thumbs-Up Mandala: Pat Adams

Pat Adams
Originally uploaded by Bromirski.

This is Pat Adams. Holy smokes! Some of her stuff looks like some of my meatballs!! Wow, she's pretty good!!!

Woah! She's using acrylic and sand and I'm using acrylic and sand!! Am I copying?!? I hereby want to announce due credit to Pat Adams! Something has rubbed off!

For you little people lovers - this is an awful photo of that painting but there are five little bearded men living in that painting's caves. They're trying to make it work!

(this thumbs-up photo is smaller than the previous ones, I'll try to make it bigger later)

CLARIFICATION: These thumbs-up photos are not of the artist with their work, but of the artist with my work. Please click on the links to see examples of the featured artist's work. Pat Adams is great.


ham paw said...

Martin, do you have any pics of more little people? they make the world better on the road to fullfillment.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would like to see the small bearded ones, the propel the caves into a pleasing network. Reveal, if you will.

fairy butler said...

the pat adams painting is sure strange. the white shapes are perplexing. this is not a criticism necessarily.

Martin said...

Fairy Butler - the painting in the photo with Pat Adams is one of my paintings, not one of hers. Sorry for the confusion - I need to clarify.

Please look at the Pat Adams paintings in the links.

Ham Paw & Mountain Man - I have a slide somewhere of those little hermits and I'll scan them soon.


fairy butler said...


It's still a wacky painting. I could'nt quite imagine the woman in the photo making it (whatever that means). thanks for clarifying.

i agree with earlier posts about the little men. they are good. i will now check on the real pa paintings.

Anonymous said...

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