Wednesday, August 31, 2005

1/4 career flashback - the potato years

Welcome to my ongoing Quarter of a Career retrospective.
Tonight we examine the potato year, 1989. This year is not officially part of the quarter-career (1990-2005), but the potatoes were fun and I want to show them. Pictured above is one of my potato polaroids. I made potato jack-o-lanterns and let them wizen and harden. Very scary.
You may also like the paintings of the boxing potatoes, the elvis potato (very Basquiat) and the texas potatoes. There were so many other potato paintings - there was the potato mystery train and the celestial potato - now so many of these are feared lost.
What is the difference between the potatoes and the meatballs? Nothing! They are all delicious.


Mountain Man said...

Martin, you are hilarious. These are great and VERY SCARY. And I agree about the potatoes and meatballs, both very very tasty. Thanks for showing them!

fairy butler said...

I concur. meat and potatoes in more ways than one.