Thursday, October 06, 2005


Danielle Riede, originally uploaded by Bromirski.

Some openings I am sure to hit this Friday evening -

1708 Gallery - paintings by Jill Moser

ADA Gallery - work by Mike Taylor, Nicole Baumann, and Judith Page.

I think Danielle Riede may also have an installation up, not sure, I don't see her name in the paper or on the gallery's website. Danielle works with paint chips, like the one pictured above, and studied under Daniel Buren.

Judith Page had a nice mention on artnet yesterday. Isn't she giving a lecture or something at the University of Richmond?

Art6 Gallery - Andy Faith and Tricia Pearsall.

One of my September regrets is not getting up a post on the Leo Divendal show that just closed. I wanted to get a jpg (from a specific series) to post, asked at the gallery, e-mailed the two people I was told to e-mail, one of them got back but didn't seem familiar with the idea of blogs or jpgs and said he would forward my request to some VCU curator - and that was it. Sorry, Leo.

Chop Suey - a photography project by Michael Lease. Aargh, I wish I had participated. He sent out requests for childhood birthday pictures and I never got around to sending one.

Curated Culture - paintings by Fred Weatherford

Gallery5 - Christopher Carroll, Terry Wolfe, John Adams, Todd Raviotta. Reception 7-10pm, bands from 10pm-1am.

This was a lot of fun last time, except for the outrageously expensive Yuengling. And worse, the price was like $2.50 or $3.50, can't remember what exactly, and if you gave the guy a five you only got the bill back. I had to ask for my .50 cents! If you are going to charge so much please don't make me ask for my change.

Main Art Gallery - mixed media by Frank Heller


Dennis said...

Riede's piece is up at ADA, I saw it the night of video art a week or so ago. Which by the way is going to become a regular thing, so get the word out to all the video makers. There will soon be an international call for artists for that too. I sent you some pics of Jules Jones' new works. I'm visiting him in Austin for the week. He's definately someone that couldn't get better but did and will be even greater.

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