Thursday, December 08, 2005

Art Basel Miami Beach I

I can't believe how big this place was. There is no way I saw everything, and I know that for a fact because I've seen posts on other people's blogs with pictures of stuff I never saw. Maybe they took stuff down and rearranged as stuff sold? Also, it was impossible for me to find my way back to stuff I liked and wanted to get photos of, so following is a list of work that I very much enjoyed but don't have photos for. I'll try to get links later.

Saul Steinberg at (?), untitled(nine postcard landscapes with figures), 1970
Adolph Gottleib at (?), Tints, 1971 and Trajectory, 1954
Lucio Fontana at Mitchell Innes and Nash, Concetto Spaziale, 1961, silver paint and colored stones on canvas
Anthony Caro at Mitchell Innes and Nash, Table Piece CIX, painted steel
Michael Krebber at Galerie Christian Nagel, untitled, 1997 and untitled, 2000
David Smith paintings at Margo Leavin, from 1956-1958
Merlin James at Sikkema Jenkins - Yellow Pier, 2004, Doorway, 1993, A Bridge, 1984-1987. I wish I had photos!!!
Cathy Wilkes at Anton Kern, a small painting with a saucer stuck to it, covered with dabs of paints.
Martin Boyce at Anton Kern, Painted Steel and Broken Fall, 2005. A mobile made of steel and a broken chair seat. Excellent. Sort of like a Calder but it had that abject quality James Hyde has spoken of, in calling mobiles a "ruined genre".
Sam Durant at (maybe) DeCarlo(?) - Very cool thing that tricked me. Altamont Crowd with Figure, 2003, photocopy on mylar, mirror. It looked like a Chinese landscape at first.
Mindy Shapero at Anna Helwing Gallery - two very cool pieces, one of which was called Black and gold Ghosthead guide that will bring you to the Ghosthead god, you can only visualize the guide when you have entered a Monsterhead, and you first have to be serene enough to be able to even see the Monsterheads before you can wear one, 2005


Tigger said...

I really liked David Humphrey's Tiger painting at Brent Sikkema. Just for the record.

Martin said...

Oh yes, I did too. that was opposite the Merlin James paintings - sorry I didn't mention it.

There was way more good stuff there than I ever saw or will be able to mention.

Milton Avery.

Anonymous said...

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