Monday, December 19, 2005

i am the missing meatball

I can't believe Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is having a show called Meatball without me!!!

As stated in the Scope Miami post, I have long loved this gallery. I love it so much that I have sent slides to them for fifteen years, even though they have shown outsider and self-taught artists almost exclusively. Here are some of my rejections* from them -

from 1991

from 1994

from 1999

from 2004

date unknown
date unknown

Aaack, the irony. Not only are they finally showing local "schooled" artists, but they are calling the show Meatball!!!

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*These are not bad rejections, as far as rejections go; handwritten notes from the director are way better than photocopied form letters - thanks, John Ollman!


Anonymous said...

I have been rejected by them too. This was with a special recommendation by a famous Philly artist. Alas.

Annette Monnier said...

Hey they rejected me as well, without even bothering to send a letter. . .

Martin said...

i haven't applied since they've started showing non-outsider art. not as fun anymore.