Friday, December 23, 2005

new painting

silver surfer
This is a painting I finished last night.

silver surfers in progress
Paintings in progress. These will be the last paintings of 2005 and/or the first paintings of 2006.

work space
Work space.

silver surfers in progress being visited by Eric Hall's robot


Bill Gusky said...

Interesting things happening in the work, Mr. B. Would you ever consider a swap? Happy holidays and don't let the cash stuff get you down if you can help it. It can all turn on a dime. Something's got to give, sooner or later. Just keep on living the life.

martin said...

Yes, I would consider a swap, but not anytime soon. I want to keep all my 2005 works through 2006 in case of upcoming exhibition opportunities.

Thanks for asking, Bill, and thanks for all of your encouragement.

Hans said...

Seven days left in 2005, maybe you make your masterpiece these days, I wish you success, and I want to make a painting or two too this finishing year...