Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the Genji Monogatari and Sunflower

Genji Monogatari, about 1120
Scene from the 1120 illustrated version of Genji Monogatari; this scene depicts a young woman sitting on the balcony, looking at a tree, waiting for Genji to return.

Waiting. I copied the tree from the Genji scroll, but mine is cut paper with green thread for pine needles. All of these are mostly cut paper, her hair is black thread.

Sleeping. This is the sweetest one.

Reading a book. I did some white ones, like ghosts, fading away or in another dimension from the "here" ones. Here is the "real" one; she is sitting by a space heater with a cup of something on top keeping warm.

Depressing one. This is the most depressing deathly one. I made a a few of these with just a sprinkle of (or no) gems on the figure, and they are like healing magic crystals, some kind of transformation may be taking place. That is the same tree again.

I made similar work in other mediums also, all using the same model. We made photographs, and I made a creepy video by shuffling the photographs, and then made digital prints from stills of the video. All the different mediums are different works, existing only in that medium. The prints are not the same as the photographs at all.

Smoking in the kitchen, blowing the smoke up the exhaust fan.

There are twenty of these total (I haven't scanned them all in yet) and they are considered one piece, to be hung together, not individual pieces. The order or format doesn't matter, they can be in a grid or wrap around a room, but they all have to be in the same room.

These are the exact same size as One Day in the Garden, also made of twenty images and considered a single piece, not something that is to be broken up. One Day in the Garden does have a very specific order, and I prefer it to be hung in a grid.


Martin said...

i've posted some, or all, of these images before, but that was before i had figured out how to put more than one image in a single post.

w said...

really nice...

fairy butler said...

i like the depressing/gems one the best. Not depressing - transformative. good!!!

Hans said...

Hi Martin,
in August I posted on the Dresden Painter Andreas Thieme, here are some more images (11 overview pages !)

I want to send you 2 small catalogues over, if you send me your mailing adress to kaukasus@gmail.com

Best regards,


Martin said...

Yes, okay Grijsz, I will. Very much like those Gert Folmering images you just posted also.