Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kaylee Pickinpaugh at Casablanca Coffee

Dennis Matthews and friends have taken over a spacious coffee house and are having shows there. The current show consists of fifteen different artists and is probably closing soon, because the next show opens on February 4th.

Kaylee Pickinpaugh has a weird painting in the bathroom. I like her stuff a lot, I remember seeing two of her paintings more than a year ago in a VCU student show. The painting up now is a skewed interior of some kind of disco palace-like living room, with a big round fluffy chartreuse rug on the floor and a grotesque lady-man, or manly lady, sitting in a big stuffed chair wearing a little dress and glittery ruby platform shoes, with a cat on her lap. The perspective of the disco paneled floor is all screwed up and there is a big golden gilt mirror on the back wall reflecting a twisty disco hallway. The mirror is hanging on a wall on which the wallpaper pattern seems to be drifting into the corner like jellyfish.

Kaylee Pickinpaugh
I googled Kaylee to try to find some of her paintings but only found her contributions to Miranda July's site. This one is from Assignment #11: Photograph a scar and write about it -

"Molly, Amy, Nina and I all got these heart brands as a symbol of our friendship. We all took turns giving them to each other. It was pretty painful, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else, but we figured that it was all about the crazy experiences we've had together, and the stupid things that we'll always laugh about. Plus now we're all super tough."

1106 West Main Street, Casablanca Coffee. Next opening is Feb 4th, First Saturday at 5 PM it's at 1106 West Main Street.


Mountain Man said...

Dear Martin,

I thought I would tell you that this coming Thursday is the one-year anniversary of artistic thoughts. It was inspired by your blog so that's why I am telling you. If it wasn't for you there would be no me.

Thanks for everything,


Dennis said...

Thanks for posting about the show space. We are doing a call for entries on Tuesday the 31st, people should have work or submission info in the Fishbowl on the 3rd floor of the Fine Arts Building by 5 PM. There will be a list of accepted works up that night at 7. Thanks for checking out the show.

martin said...

Mountain Man - Wow, that is such a nice thing for you to say. I think you have inspired a number of other artists in turn (me included).

I want to send you a birthday present, maybe care of Fairy Butler.

Anonymous said...

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