Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen

Everytime I post about the weird Artnet side-swipes at Marlene Dumas I get someone who comments on gender bias, so....

Listed as Featured Writers on Artnet's homepage, with female contributors italicized -

Victor M. Cassidy
Ben Davis
Charlie Finch
N. F. Karlins
Mark Kostabi
Donald Kuspit
Joe La Placa
Jerry Saltz
Phyllis Tuchman

Other regular contributors, with female contributors italicized -

Mary Barone
Stephen Maine
Richard Polsky
Walter Robinson

So that makes thirteen contributors, only three of whom are women. I won't even ask what color they are. No, wait, I guess I will. What color(s) are they?

Karlins and Tuchman rarely cover contemporary art and Barone submits the party photos only. There are a few other irregular contributors, but I'm listing here only those that had more than three items published in a year. Ana Finel Honigman was published A LOT in 2004, but she's moved abroad. Let me know if I am missing anyone.

RELATED: I've checked out my own blogroll at right, and have counted twenty-three males and only eleven females, with two anonymous bloggers "sex undetermined". Also, as far as I know there are only two Black bloggers listed here, with no Asians and no Hispanics.

MORE!!: Check out this new blog by a pissed-off woman artist. Did you know that only 29 of 101 artists in the 2006 Whitney Biennial are female???

I think this might be the most fucked-up Whitney Biennial in a good long time. How many are even American, and of those where do they live? How many are even from California? What the hell is the purpose of the Whitney Biennial?


Bill Gusky said...

What the hell is the purpose of the Whitney Biennial?

Just a few guesses:
1. To maintain the relevance of the Whitney Museum as a cultural institution.

2. To shape future opportunities for the Whitney, through building relationships with emerging artists that might ultimately benefit the Whitney through attributions, gifts and so forth.

3. To shape art investment opportunities, perhaps in some cases to increase the value of investments, for the Whitney Board of Directors and for others in their train of interest. Transfer the Abramoff-Indian Casino-Congress equation to the art world and I suspect you've got a moderately accurate model.

But again, these are just guesses.
cheers - B

Anonymous said...

uh, who were the curators for the Whitney B?Ä

Ashes77 said...

yeah, i want more info on this biennial because I won't be going and I won't even be going to their crap web-site. Can someone fill me in

Edna said...


re your three guesses:

#1 is admirable, #2 is creepy, #3 is absolutely terrifying. I tend to forget just how self-serving people who love money can be.

All the more reason for them to be utterly responsible in the process.

Hot damn,

Anonymous said...

I work for one of the Whitney board members. Maybe I should ask him about this? He might not like it. He didn't even go to my show.

Anonymous said...

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