Monday, May 08, 2006

Carson Fox

Okay!! Pictures from Carson Fox's recent show at 1708 Gallery!

Sorry, I've been slow to put these up, but was waiting to get some images of her excellent prints. Really wanted to include the meticulous Bully - a print of a wild boar - but am told 1708 is having some problem with my e-mail.

The floating piece above is maybe my favorite from the show. It isn't really hair - although it looks like hair even close - and the curlicue-ness of it makes it pubic and gross. It seems like body hair. It is a repulsive gazebo, a pretty something you want to get near or in but then gives you the creepy gross shivers to be surrounded by.

Up-close, more like a Japanese horror movie. Something is dead.

Carson Fox
This one is similar, but hangs against the wall. The floating round piece is more evocative of the body, and offers a space for a body to inhabit.

Carson has lost both of her parents, her mom to illness (not sure about the dad), and I think a lot of the work in this show - especially that pictured here - is a form of contemporary mourning art. She also showed work reminiscent of road-side memorial wreaths, each subtly inscribed with something like bully, liar, or beauty. I saw some of these at her show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance last month, while they were setting up the room for a wedding reception. Yikes! They are deceptively pretty, I wonder which one was hanging over the groom's shoulder?

PS - look at this hairdome.


Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful show! My favorite piece from the show is "I know about your broken heart."

Anonymous said...

I loved this show. Her work is beautiful and heartbreaking and sometimes a little mean. Interesting stuff. I wish it had been up longer.
This is a very good blog that I always enjoy reading.