Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Zoe Strauss

This is one of Roberta Fallon's photographs of Zoe Strauss' one-day installation beneath I-95, in Philadelphia. Every pillar has a photo affixed to each side; they are all numbered on maps Zoe and her helpers distribute, and the numbers are written in chalk on the ground. Zoe has copies of the photos available for five bucks each - you just find the photo you like and go back to her stand and tell her the number. At the end of the day people can just peel the photos off the pillars if they want. Some of the pillars in this photo don't have photos attached yet because Roberta took this shot early in the morning while Zoe was still setting up.

This is Zoe's third (or fourth?) year doing this. Zoe is not currently represented by any gallery, she does it all herself. I am so inspired by Zoe and getting excited about next year's Stuffy's Biennial. YAY, Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Photos: dragonballyee's flickr set, mofo's flickr set, roberta's flickr set

More Info: Libby's 2004 post, Libby's 2005 post, Roberta's 2006 post, Brent's 2006 post


Tracy said...

Zoe is awesome! She is so honest and open and has great ideas. I lived in Philadelphia for 7 years and her photos really "get" me. I am so glad she is getting such good attention for her work and activities.

Michael said...

oooooo how do I get into the Stuffys' Biennial -or is it biennale...?

Anonymous said...

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