Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the DUMBO show is closing soon!!!! PLUS - some excuses, and Carson in Style

Yikes, the DUMBO show is closing soon! So fast! This Sunday, May 7th is the last day.

Dateline Richmond: I'm trying! Still have not caught up with my rent, working every day for very little, rafting is starting and I have a trip scheduled for Thursday, cavities are hurting (but have to wait still until rent gets caught up), VIP is coming, AND my father had a triple-bypass today. Not as much time or energy lately as I would like to have.

Saw Carson Fox's show at 1708, and am hoping/waiting for an image from the gallery. Saw Matthew Fisher at ADA and would like to get some images for that. Completely missed the whatever was at Chop Suey and the two shows at Art6. I really wanted to catch the Art6 shows (Tim Devoe and Lydia Thompson) but the gallery is open 12-4 and I've been working every single day they are open.

Here's a link to the Style Weekly article on Carson's show.


Anonymous said...

congrats on your mention in the new yorker!

Chris Herbeck said...

Hi Martin, I started a new art blog called drugs, chairs and mudflaps. Link it if you wish, I would appreciate it..


Anonymous said...

yay, the new yorker!

arnheim - i will add you tonight!