Monday, May 15, 2006

Dawn Latane

Dawn Latane is showing her dream houses at Chop Suey.

Dawn Latane
Cell Phone Tower House, 2006 - 125. These aren't really her dream houses, but houses she has imagined. Visionary McMansions. This one is at the top of a lopped-off mountain.

I like the watercolors with ink drawing and text, kind of like Blake.

Viagra Mansion, 2005 - 115. Follies.

Siamese Twins House, 2006 - 75.

Artist's Statement - "My images are of domestic buildings (mansions) and other urban sites in which enormous scale and various grand themes greatly outsize the human beings who inhabit or use them. I feel my pictures are in a tradition of poetic, visionary architecture though in the case of this particular body of work, megalomania and irreverence stampede through it at breathtaking speed. If anyone would like to make a workable plan from any of these doodles of mine, then be my guest; I’m curious what you’d come up with. This show is dedicated to all the people of America who literally want a ‘castle’ rather than a home: a building to overwhelm the rest of the neighborhood creating either intense envy or debilitating nausea."


Jessica said...

I kind of like the fact that McMansion has become a word. I feel like I hear it all over the place nowadays....oh and yes, those drawings are lovely.

N. S. said...

I like the perspective of the Viagra Mansion, it reminds me of some of Gary Stephan's work. The Medeival flattened landscape always works for me.

Nice job working-in Chippenham Parkway at Parham into the top piece, that's an indesputable reference if I ever saw one.

Bill Gusky said...

The bottom two are very reminiscent to me of antique drawings. Her scribbly line plays fun against that thought, like history being re-drawn by an adolescent. Speaks to me of how we accept and use history.

About:Blank said...

These pieces remind me of the stuff we drew on our high notebooks when we were bored and looking for escape,