Saturday, August 19, 2006

Photos of Recommendation: Thumbs-Up Mandala: The Black Factory... PLUS!

This is The Black Factory.... Team 2006!

This photo was taken in Richmond. JT saw them in DC. Libby saw them in Philadelphia. I saw them in Richmond.

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PLUS: Ryan used that photo for his RVA Magazine article on them. Also included in that issue is the following photo -

in front of my apartment???
this is from page 76 of this month's rva magazine, an arts and culture monthly here in richmond. i was looking at this fashion feature thinking.. hmm, so familiar, until it dawned on me that it looked like my front door. so i went out into the hall and held up the magazine... it IS my front door!


Anonymous said...

Richmond is a small town. Our fashion editor lives across the hall.

- Tony, RVA designer

martin said...

it is so small that sitting at the bar at ipanema the night of oura's opening - with a copy of rva sitting on the bar - i started talking to the stranger next to me and showed him the photo... he used to live in that same apartment!!!

Anonymous said...

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